A school is not only a place of learning it is also an abode where young minds learn the basic principles of life and morality.It is a temple where the light of truth and knowledge is showered upon them in abundance. At Bholi Ram Public School we believe in the philosophy of the school being a for bearer of the future of the pupil and of the country as a whole.

We feel that our school is an extension of your family! Your active support and cooperation, combined with our staff’s professional efforts, will ensure the success for your child. The staff at Bholi Ram Public School is recognized for its talents and dedication and I am proud and delighted to be able to work with such an outstanding group of professionals!

In today’s competitive world it is essential to have an all round personality. In order to ensure that the school offers its pupils more than an academic experience, it organizes a wide range of school functions and activities. Such activities broaden the experience of pupils and offer opportunities to develop interests which may be life long. School functions is also a mirror reflection of the inputs put in by the school community in the all round development of the pupil. It is a showcase of achievements and talent and also a platform for budding talents. School functions not only highlight the brighter side of the school in the society but also reflect positively on the individual who is part of the function.

I hope that our school will continue to be the torch bearer of modern education principles coupled with Indian values and ethos and we look forward to your support and guidance as always.


Mr.Pradeep Kumar

M.A.(Eng.), B.Ed.