Bholi Ram Public School offers a broad and balanced curriculum which is designed to match the educational needs of the children within the requirement of the CBSE.

Our objective is to equip the students with knowledge, skills and values which will enable them to take the Board Examination with responsibility and effectiveness, gain life skills for their personal and professional development and grow into young adults who would be socially aware of their responsibilities towards the Society.

A carefully planned academic syllabus ensures that the children enjoy the years spent in learning and discovery and acquires a sound understanding of concepts in Mathematics, Science and Humanities.

The syllabus is enriched by qualified teachers designed worksheets and subject integrated projects. Emphasis is placed on learning through curriculum related trips, talks by invited speakers and audio-visuals.


This wing builds on the spirit of exploration. Emphasis is laid on acquiring sound language skills, clarity of mathematical concepts and the discovery and understanding of Scientific Principles. Here the focus is to develop confidence, build self esteem, expose them to different aspects of learning and enhance communication skills. This wing tries to lay the foundation of the basic personality traits and moral values which guide them throughout their lives. The children acquire all the building blocks of scholarship, along with good study habits and a passion for learning. There is no examination for Classes I and II and the teachers evaluation and assessments are continuous and ongoing.


Being the bridge between Primary and Senior Wing, it has the added responsibility of shaping up the young adults likes / dislikes and personality. It helps them to sharpen their analytical skills, master writing skills and shape their personalities. The emphasis is on investigation and conceptualization as they begin the first phase of preparation for the board exams.

Secondary and Senior Secondary:

This wing grooms the students to excel academically and perform well in Board Exams. The students are exposed to different sources of livelihood and career options to help them to decide how they will contribute to the society and make a niche for themselves in this competitive world.

These strategies make students and teachers computer literate and empower them with comprehensive training, clearly defined learning objectives, detailed lesson plans, exciting and relevant projects which are age specific. Lessons are theme based, fun filled and project based. VIS updates its curriculum annually to keep pace with the advancement in technology and modification in CBSE syllabus. Technology used at VIS not only sharpens student learning in the content areas but also empowers them with life skills which help them to meet the challenges of tomorrow.